Favorite Features in Summer ’14 that haven’t been mentioned yet


Three times per year, Salesforce Santa visits with big PDF full of goodies for all of us admins and dev’s. A lot of the attention has been on the GA of flow triggers, as it rightly should because that is awesome, so I decied to talk about some features that are more admin / end user centric that seemed to have flown under the radar so far.

If you haven’t yet, you can get your Summer Release Notes here.

1)      Access Publisher Actions without Chatter Enabled (Page 183)

Sure, this is only for mobile only, Not just for mobile (Thanks Eanna Cunnane!), use these suckers everywhere! because in SFDC1 you can launch actions via the “+” icon!

Things to watch out for: The location of Global Actions has been changed.

2)      Edit Profile Details from Mobile (Page 43)

Very, Very nice and a long time coming. If you can approve stuff via the mobile, you should be able to change your profile information.

Things to watch out for: Only the user’s photo can be edited in the iOS app…wait, what?

3)      Log mobile calendar events in Salesforce using Today (Page 48)

This is going to be a huge timesaver for road warriors. I also think you will get some great adoption rates along with better data since data can now be captured at the moment rather than hours or days later.

Things to watch out for: User logging “Dentist Appointments” and other personal meetings

4)      Ask Questions in the Feed with Chatter Questions (Beta) (Page 82)

More engagement = Better Business. Even if you just us this for internal questions and answers it will boost adoption and increase engagement and good vibes.

Things to watch out for: It is just in Beta for the time being

5)      Give different types of rewards (Page 133)

Personally, I would use this by giving each individual a certain amount of reward funding that they can give out at their discretion. If you allow for immediate and tangible recognition, morale will be improved.

Things to watch out for: What is the reporting like? Can you create workflows?

6)      Keep favorite folders in view (Page 169)

Oh man, this is amazing. My org has a bajillion folders and it is a pain to manage.

Things to watch out for: “Hey, where did my folder go?” will be the highest volume request for a while.

7)      Expanded Approval History Reports (Page 190)

This is something that is sorely needed by both the business and technical teams. It is pretty cumbersome as of now to report on things like elapsed times.

Things to watch out for: Requests to make approvals more efficient (“Can you make an alert that goes out to PersonX every hour after they get a request”).


Anything I missed? Anything I am off the mark on? Don’t worry, still polishing post 2 of 3 on cleaner page layouts.




2 thoughts on “Favorite Features in Summer ’14 that haven’t been mentioned yet

  1. I think the way they approached the new generate orders pilot is really interesting – they used a flow instead of coding it up, which allows end users to easily build upon the functionality. This points to a whole new paradigm in customizability…

    • Good Call Gorav!

      I skimmed this one because it is a pilot feature, but your are dead on with this being a whole new paradigm. If you get into the pilot, let me know how it goes!

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